Professional online bookkeeping service for construction companies

We offer the perfect bookkeeping solution for making your business more efficient and your time more flexible, allowing you online access to all of your company documents, 24/7. We cost the same per hour as your standard bookkeeper, the crucial difference being that Subcontractor Support specialise in construction.

We have grown subcontract companies from £200k turnover to over £6m using the exact same system we use for all our clients. Unlike unspecialised bookkeepers we have experience in setting up, managing and growing construction based companies, just like yours. In short: we know how to run everything at the backend of your business.

Knowing exactly where your business stands financially is the key to growing your business and reducing stress levels. With so many costs incurred (taxes, materials, labour, tools, insurance, fuel etc) and sales invoices being raised, all with differing due dates, it is critical to make sure they’re all accounted for correctly.  Our bookkeepers process all your finances, culminating in monthly reports which explain exactly what you’ve spent and earned whilst forecasting your cash flow for the next 2 months. We put an end to those surprise tax bills and supplier payments.

Everything we do is accessible to you online via our simple, cloud-based portal: anytime, anywhere; from your computer, tablet or phone.

Subcontractor Support provide specialist financial services for various business categories, including:

  • Bookkeeping services for small construction companies
  • Bookkeeping services for contractors
  • Bookkeeping services for subcontractors

For full information regarding our various monthly price-plans, please click here.