Office Solutions


Fed up with receiving all your business post at home? Tired of getting through the front door after a  long day’s work only to have to deal with a pile of paper work? Wish you could just put all that paperwork in a big envelope and forget about it, knowing it would be dealt with by a team of 
construction professionals? Subcontractor Support can make this wish a reality. 

We offer the perfect solution for construction businesses with 5-10 employees. You will benefit from full-service office management, developed specifically for construction companies: accounting, 
bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns, financial management and ongoing advice. In short, all the support you need to grow your company and relieve much of the day-to-day stress. Furthermore, a Subcontractor Support secretary will be appointed to act on your company’s behalf: managing phone calls, post and emails, affording you more time to spend how you wish – whether that means looking for that next project or enjoying some well-earned free time. The cost for all these services? Just 4% 
of your turnover. No hidden fees, no risks – you only pay in proportion to what you earn. Your success is our incentive. 
Summary of our office management services: 
● Specialist Construction Accounting Services 
● Bookkeeping Services 
● Payroll Services 
● Payments Services 
● Tax Return 
● Finance Reports 
● Management reports 
● Secretary/ Office Manager