5 Step Guide To Reclaiming Your Tax As A Subcontractor.

Being a subcontractor in the Construction Industry isn’t like any other industry. You need to take certain steps to ensure you do things correctly otherwise you could end up with hefty fines or unnecessary charges. The positive side is that if you do the right thing you will be due money back at the end of each tax return.


We have been working with Subcontractors like you for years, I used to be a Subcontractor and learnt the hard way!!!  I want to make it easy for you so that you are able to claim all your tax back, maybe even treat yourself to a nice trip away when we help you maximise your tax return.  Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Register for your UTR (means you get tax at 30% not 20%)

  2. Make sure you get your Payslips showing the tax deducted each month.

  3. Keep your business receipts (you can offset these against your tax, saving you 20%)

  4. Claim back your tax as soon as the tax year ends, 5th April (in two weeks time)

  5. Use a professional company like us to complete your return to ensure you get your maximum tax back


Simply send all your information to us via email, through Whatsapp or post and we’ll get started on your return.  Get it to us before the end of April 2018 and we’ll give you a 50% discount on our standard £180+vat rate. So you will only pay £90+vat and you don’t pay this until we get your tax back.



 *50% off if you contact us before May 1st 2018. 


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